Octav Avramescu, founding member, along with Anamaria Pravicencu, of Asociația Jumătatea Plină. He worked on Sâmbăta Sonoră, Săptămăna Sunetului, Semi Silent and other self-cultural institutions.

Nicu Ilfoveanu

His book O amintire făcută bine took the prize for the Art book category, in 2017, within the cultural project The Most Beautiful Books.

Carla Duschka is a graphic artist specialised in book design. She has designed all kinds of books, from albums and science textbooks to children’s books. She is a co-founder of Atelierul de grafică: a visual communication and editorial design studio and publisher.

Bogdan Ceaușescu is a self-taught graphic designer based in Bucharest, working in the field of printed matter with a strong focus on editorial design and typography.

Alin Cincă is a graphic designer and art director that sometimes makes books, zines & book production for friends.

Diana Dulgheru is an artist who explores in her projects the relation between sound and form , focusing on the visualization of the sound and the aesthetic possibilities of the digital error through a minimalist approach.

Artemisa Pascu is a graphic designer and art director specialized in editorial design. She graduated from UNARTE with the Work of Degradări Termice Ireversibile, a two-volume collection that won the prize for typography experiment in the Cele Mai Frumoase Cărti competition in 2016. She created eight editions of DoR, a narrative journalism magazine (four as a junior art director, and the next four as an art director). She was in charge of the graphic design for Ghidul 24/7, a guide for creative entrepreneurs and Acasă and Protest photo albums. For two years, she has been guiding the visual identity of the international conference ‘The Power of Storytelling’. Currently, she is the art director of DoR and the co-founder of PosterJam, an independent project that discovers and promotes posters created by Romanian and international artists.

Matei Câlția, b. 25th of May 1977, Bucharest, curator and gallerist at Galeria Posibilă. He is interested in landscape and nature photography. A recent project, following his passion for artist books, is the gallery’s library gathering books about nature and landscapes of artists addressing these subjects.


 The Workshop, held at Galeria Posibilă, was coordinated by GRAPHO_MAT and Matei Caltia.

What does silence actually mean? How can it be described, through which gestures and images does it stay fixed in our memory? And how does a book about silence sounds?

These were the questions that guided this year’s edition Sounds like a book. From Cage’s point of view – silence is non-existent. From another point of view, sounds are always attracted by their opposites, meaning silence. Absolute silence is non-existent around us and every sound generates a type of silence.

Together with the GRAPHO_MAT team (Andreea Mihaiu, Andra Pavel, Mihai Popescu), we followed an intense programme to find out how we can visualise silence using the pages of a book, following its own sound. We started out with a a small talk regarding silence and the way we perceive it, we even analized artists that explored silence in the history of sound-art.

We took a day off from the presentations to be able to find out something about each participant, each of them describing themselves through three favourite books. Wednesday night, 07. 02. 2018, was a day in which we sat down at the table and tried to be silent.

The workshop itself started on Monday, 12. 02. 2018 with a discussion with Radu Manelici about print and typography. Also on Monday, the GRAPHO MAT team started on coordinating participants in making books. There were days filled with discussions on concepts, layout, and choosing the right paper, etc. Loredana Bostacă held a presentation on the various products offered by Antalis. It took two weeks of teamwork and tens of printing tests until the books were finalised.



Iris Arsu

Raluca Anghel

Maria Bălan

Anca Cioarec

Inga Ciumac

Simona Constantin

Irina Costescu

Dragoș Hanciu

Sebi Hogea

Antonio Lionetti

Veronica Negrilă

Maria PopescU

Alina Samoschi

Super Serios:Maria Mandea and

Teodora Ungureanu

Andrei Șendrea (Reg)

Oana Tudoran

02. 03. 2018

Exhibition took place at GALERIA POSIBILĂ, Bucharest

The exhibition brought together the works produced by the participants who tried to relate to the suggested theme – how silence can be mediated in print matters.

We would like to thank our main sponsor Antalis Romania and our partners: Grapho_MAT, Galeria Posibilă, Muzeul Național al Hărților și Cărții vechi, Săptămâna Sunetului, Universitatea Națională de Arte, București and as well to our media partners: Radio Centraal Antwerp, Dissolved Magazine and Radio Seven.