1. 04. 2016

The presentation series started with Carla Duschka, from Atelierul de Grafică. Carla Duschka held a presentation on publishing design, related to everything she did with Ciprian Isac at Atelierul de Grafică.

  1. 04. 2016

Loredana Bostacă, talked about the hundreds of paper types from Antalis portfolio.

  1. 04. 2016

The third presentation day started with Alina Şerban and continued with the presentation of the book Le Petite Histoire by Nicu Ilfoveanu, Matei Câlţia and Eugen Gustea.

  1. 04. 2016

Stela Lie, the founder of Clubul Ilustratorilor held a presentation about illustration and it’s integration in books.

The presentation series end with Dinu Dumbrăvicean and Carmen Apetrei, who talked about typography and the importance of a high-quality printing studio.


Workshops were held by invited book specialists who tried to cover the subject from as many points of view as possible, from concept issues to technical details such as paper selection or printing. Participants were given guidance and subsequently, after working on their own projects, the workshop ended with a book exhibition at UNAgaleria, Bucharest.

Between 01 – 28. 05. 2016, the participants began to research the workshop theme: image translated through sound. To help them out, a presentation was made by artists Nicu Ilfoveanu and Octav Avramescu, where they spoke about sound translated through photography. The book presented, Found and lost, was a collaboration between them.

Adrian Medeleanu, graphic assistant at the National University of Arts, Bucharest, helped the participants with lessons in InDesign and other Adobe Creative Suite programs.

Next visit was made by Loredana Bostacă (Antalis) to have a more in-depth discussion about what kind of paper is more appropriate for each project of the participants.

 In the end, Grapho_mat, a design studio started out of love for book-design, binding, packaging, print, textile, proposing a harmonious relationship between material, texture and technique, formed by Andreea Mihaiu, Andra Pavel and Mihai Popescu, held a book binding workshop and helped each participant bind his own book.



   06.06. 2016

The exhibition took place at UNAgaleria, Bucharest.

The exhibition brought together the works produced by the participants who tried to relate to the suggested theme – how can the sound be visually mediated in print matters.

First edition participants:

Alle Dicu

Anna Grozavu

Vlad Ster

Ana-Maria Preduț

Patric Pavel

Daniela Șerban

Iris Arsu

Denis Radi

Mihai Șovăială

Andreea Vlăduț

Andrei Măceșanu

Irina Costescu

Ana-Maria Dudu

Roxana Ardeleanu

Alexandra Dinu

Ștefan Sebastian

Marina Gabriela Soare

Alina Cerescu

Lin Al Choibi

Ștefania Sbârlici

Doroteea Ispas

Diana Lemnaru

Alexandru Ivan

We would like to thank Aurora Király for her constantly support and for everybody who helped us in a way or another.