26. 07 - 09. 08. 2021

The Buzzzz Residency was an extension of the  Sounds Like a Book project.  The Artists in Residency participated in two workshops focused on sound theory, self-publishing design, and book-making held by the sound artist Lukas Jakob Löcker and the design studio Grapho-mat (Andreea Mihaiu, Andra Pavel, and Mihai Popescu).

Buzzzz Residency brought together artists who have an interest in interdisciplinarity, research, and experimentation. The participants developed an artist book, starting from a mental image or sounds produced or recorded during the residency program.


As a starting point, BUZZZZ questions the aggressive intervention of man in nature throughout the last three centuries, an intervention that generated a significant ecological and climatic imbalance.

BUZZZZ interrogates the asymmetric relationship between human and non-human agents, which led to the destruction of the ecosystem and biodiversity, simultaneously proposing a search for alternative ways of coexistence, based on care and interrelation. Through extended and immersive detours, the artists in residency explored alternative sonic landscapes and ways of transpersonal, transversal and affective connection to the environment. 


For this edition too, Sounds Like a Book chose the refurbished barn at the Casa Albastră in Șona. The working process was based on extended detours, in the village or beyond its boundaries and sometimes the walks reached some enigmatic local tourist spots framed in an aura of fiction – the mounds or the Bazalt Columns near Făgăraș. 

Sound-Art Workshop

Lukas shared with the 10 participants his knowledge of sound-art, field-recording, and sound editing. His approach focused not only on presenting the whole process but also on improvisation and experimentation. Collective gatherings, face-to-face conversations rounded out a composition full of Şona’s sounds, which were merged with various electronic sounds and effects. 


Self-Publishing Design Workshop

The Grapho-mat team worked with the participants to translate their concepts into a printed form. Andreea, Andra, and Mihai gave presentations on self-publishing, concept, format, layout, paper types, binding, printing, etc. All these presentations and discussions helped the participants to refine their concepts and to convert and translate the sound into a physical object. 


Lukas, Jakob Löcker (AT)

Grapho-mat (RO)


Carlos Bernal Barrera (COL/ FR)

Florin Enache (RO)

Caitlin Hespe (AUS/ HU)

Florine Mougel (FR)

Cristina Pîrvu (RO)

Delia Andrada Prodan (RO)

Brîndușa Tudor (RO)

Anca Țintea (RO)

Matei Udriște (RO)

Agnieszka Zdiabek (PL)


Brîndușa Tudor

Sky collectors

*short piece obtained through drawing the two frontal views of the main street of Șona, extracting the rhythm given by the positions of the drainpipes, and translating it as a graphic image into Ableton live. The main sound module for this graphical representation of sound was registered inside one drainpipe during a very mild rainy moment. 

Sound -> https://soundcloud.com/soundslikeabook/brandusa-tudor-sky-collectors

Carlos Bernal Barrera

Listen to the Shadows (dialogue) - sound piece

Listen to the Shadows - book

“Listen to the Shadows (dialogue)”, is an experimental sound piece based on the mix of two different sources. On one hand, the recording of the sound of a shadow with a contact microphone that –mysteriously– reveals a deep, regular low-frequency beat. On the other hand, the recording of a live improvisation session with a midi controller shows an intuitive and eclectic flux of sounds.

The mix of these two layers could be considered as a conversation between my shadow and me. A dialogue that can happen without words, in the middle of an erratic promenade that –maybe– leads to silence.

Sounds -> https://soundcloud.com/soundslikeabook/carlos-bernal-barrera-listen-to-the-shadows-dialogue)

Matei Udriște

Spațiu Vital

The concept of the book is based on the feeling of the sounds and visuals of Șona village. I recorded the sounds that intrigued me and combined them with the sounds in my head. After this, I listened to the track drawing and wrote whatever caught my eye and mood. The book is a mix of poems and illustrations that goes along with the sound piece. The drawings have two types of approach, one that is detailed and one that is sketchy. All the book is about a feeling of something that is in my mind, connected somewhat with a real element like sounds, houses, humans, landscapes, or animals.


Sound -> https://soundcloud.com/soundslikeabook/matei-udriste-spatiu-vital)

Caitlin Hespe

ASMR Test piece 1 - sound piece

Touch me - book

Concept sound

The piece is made from myself reading the list of asmr videos when ‘asmr calm down’ is searched on Youtube, a lecture on visual perception and optical illusions, and Dr. Oblivion’s message in Cronenberg’s ‘Videodrome’. 

My first experience using this editing software; it is an exploration of cutting-and-pasting sound, and mixing messages.

Concept Book

The book is made from thinking about perception and illusions, that what you see is not always what you see.

Sound -> https://soundcloud.com/soundslikeabook/caitlin-hespe-asmr-test-piece-1


The residency covers room and board, travel expenses up to 100 EUR/person, and the production of the work.

Sound equipment will be available. 

Artists in residence should bring their personal computers.

Artists in residence will receive support in the work process and will be able to attend performances, conferences, and workshops on sound art and graphic design.

The works produced during the residency will be presented in a group show in autumn at Galeria Posibilă in Bucharest, Romania.

Agnieszka Zdziabek

Archeology of Mankind

„This publication presents the extent of knowledge regarding <<mankind>> in the Post-Anthropocene era. By examining surviving archives and fossils, we document a hypothesis of what contributed to the end of this civilization.”

In my project, I wanted to give voice to non-human inhabitants of the earth. I created a typeface that was used to write the scientific work on the archeology of the future, in the post-Anthropocene period.

Following the illustrations presented in the work, we can only guess what hypotheses concerning the end of human civilization are included there.

Sound -> https://soundcloud.com/soundslikeabook/agnieszka-zdziabek-archeology-of-mankind

Florine Mougel


“Foraj” is a didactic report on earth minerals’ extraction. Using geologist methods, the author digs out toward the deep time of the Earth and times of human interests. As a continuity, the sound piece simulates a mine’s sound atmosphere based on field recordings in Sona.

Sound -> https://soundcloud.com/soundslikeabook/florine-mougel-foraj

Anca Țintea

15 seconds

This publication explores the perception of time in a variety of landscapes, affected to different degrees by human intervention. 

The sonic environment that develops from this interference with the natural world, such as architecture, from incipient to industrialized, directly affects the perception of time. 

The numbers serve as a guide for the passage of 15 seconds and their respective rhythm in each setting. 

Delia Andrada Prodan

Wind - sound piece

Familiar trees - book

The sound piece and the book developed at this year’s residency represent a personal approach in regards to the subject of Anthropocene.

For Wind, sounds are intertwined in order to create a meditative frame. Most of them are not of their apparent origin (not simply recorded), but created with the voice or the body and manipulated through editing. The breathing mixes with what supposedly is the sound of the wind, constructing two different layers, between which other sounds alternate. 

The book, Familiar trees recontextualize illustrations of scientific origin, selected from 1906’s homonymous work. By associating photomicrographs and drawings with own photographs, ones selected from a personal, affective archive, the meanings transform and settle at the boundary between two fields: encyclopedic and artistic. The formal choices, notably the practical size of the work, wish to remind of a pocket notebook, used in research; while also evoking the appearance of a classical photography book design.  

Sound -> https://soundcloud.com/soundslikeabook/delia-prodan-wind

Cristina Pîrvu


Inspired by the artist’s stay in Șona, the book and the sound piece explore the concept of soothing repetition: as we grow comfortable in new surroundings, anxiety and uncertainty are being replaced by routines and the familiar.

Sound -> https://soundcloud.com/soundslikeabook/cristina-untitled