Who are we? How do our goals sound?

Sounds like a Book is a book-making and self-publishing platform that focuses on the visual representation of sound.Our goal is to raise interest for books and sound as mediums of artistic expression.                                                                                                                                                                                          By bringing together experts working in the field of design, sound art and people with an interest in interdisciplinary artistic practice, over the years we aim to raise an active international community of young artists.

SLB in a big-big art world

Since its inception, SLB has been focusing on the visual conversion of sound, establishing itself in the Romanian artistic community as the first attempt to bring these two mediums together. SLB brings to the table the necessary know-how in order to allow the participants to explore the possibilities of these mediums and to expand their artistic practice.

Behind Sounds like a Book

We are a team of 10+ graphic designers, photographers, sound artists who struggle to offer young artists all the necessary materials and mentorship from national and international lecturers.

We display their books throughout exhibitions in Romania, but also abroad and at art fairs dedicated to high quality books: MNAC, galleries in Austria and Germany, Romanian Design Week, international book fairs (Polycopies, Paris; Stiftung Buchkunst, Leipzig, etc)



Andreea Vlăduț

Andreea Vladuț was born in Slatina, a small town in the Southern part of Romania, moved to Bucharest in 2013 for her studies, where she graduated graphic-arts at the University of Arts. During her bachelor studies, she obtained an Erasmus scholarship at University of Fine-Arts Poznan, Poland, the place where she started to be interested in the field of sound. After her bachelor degree, she came back for another year, as an assistant laborant at the Spatial Activity studio, at the same university in Poznan. Since March 2018, she is studying Time-Based Media at Kunstuniversitat Linz, Austria, where she is continuing her interest and practice into sound-art , film and media theory.


Graphomat is a design studio based in Bucharest, created by Andreea Mihaiu (graphic designer), Andra Pavel (product designer) and Mihai Popescu (artist). Their activity spreads across many branches of design: graphic design, book design, visual identity, manual bookbinding, screen printing, curating, exhibitional design.

Galeria Posibilă

Preoccupied with studying and understanding the landscape, Galeria Posibilă presents artists whose works enable discussion of contemporary art and related fields. In the curatorial program these discussions are generated by the interest of artists for subjects such as identity, transformation and memory. Galeria Posibilă is also interested in artists’ publications as well as in promoting the artists’ works through catalogues. We seek to contribute in developing the art publication sector in Romania in a good and natural way which makes us careful and responsible for each publication we work at. Hence, we chose a subject we cover in almost all our exhibitions and publications: nature and landscape in photography. In 2011, Biblioteca de galerie was developed, a resource space for students and artists specialised in the field of landscape theory and practices related to nature. Galeria Posibilă was founded by Matei Câlția in 2003, being one of the first private galleries in Bucharest. It developed in a space where photography is supported, produced, exhibited and promoted.

Mihai Șovăială

My name is Mihai Șovăială and I was born in 1993 in Brașov, Romania and currently I am based in Leipzig, Germany. In 2016 I have received a BFA in photography and video at the National University of Arts from Bucharest. Since 2017 I am enrolled at Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig within the Meisterschüler program, where I continue to develop my interest in photography, archives and books under Joachim Brohm guidance.

Daria Nedelcu

Daria Nedelcu (b. 1993) received her MA in History of Art at the University of Fine Arts Bucharest. Daria wishes to continue her project about performance art in South Eastern Europe with a series of interviews with artists working in this area.

Vlad Albu

Born in Piatra Neamț (1992), Vlad lives and works in Bucharest. In 2017 he recieved a BA in photography at National University of Arts in Bucharest. In 2019 he will receive his MA in the same department. Previously, he attended courses for two years in the University of Bucharest department of the History and Theory of Art

Iris Arsu

Patric Pavel

Irina Costescu