07 - 17.07.2019


Lukas Jakob Loecker 

Graphomat (Andreea Mihaiu, Andra Pavel, Mihai Popescu)


Simina Oprescu

Gabriel Barbu 

Mihai Șovăială


10 artists gathered at the Blue House in Șona village, Brașov county to develop an artistic project employing two rarely connected mediums of expression – sound and book. The working process involved conceiving an artist’s book starting from a mental image or from sounds produced/ recorded during the residency program. Hijacking the senses’ routine, the moments planned for field-recording /

the recording became the main element in shaping the content and form of the book. Keeping in line with previous Sounds like a Book edition, the Bandwidth residency incorporated two workshops and a series of lectures held by artists working in sound art and graphic design. This year, the artists in residency worked with Lukas Jakob Löcker, sound artist, and with the team of the design studio Grapho_mat and met also Gabriel Barbu – graphic designer, Simina Oprescu – sound artist, and Mihai Sovãialã – visual artist. While Simina introduced the participants to writing techniques in acousmatic composition, Gabriel presented to them the process of book production and Mihai got them acquainted to self-publishing design. During the two workshops of sound art and graphic design, held by Lukas Jakob Löcker and the Grapho_mat team (Andreea Mihaiu, Andra Pavel, Mihai Popescu), the artists developed the content and shape of the books, exploring the various aspects of communication – the theme of this year’s Residency. Being such a bountiful subject, the theme invited multiple approaches and different working practices with other media. The main interest, however, was the social aspect of communication, the immanent communality of any communication process, the (signal) transmission in the sense of a connection between entities, leaving in the background the content specific to information (a sensitive subject in the post-fact era), the sender-receiver dynamics, the medium’s features and their impact. Lukas Jakob Löcker also encouraged the artists to pursue other approaches, such as: social media, obsolete mediums of communication, signal transmission, words / signs, sign / language, error, remix.


Lera Kelemen

Sonic Mythologies and Myth Patterns

Sonic Mythologies and Myth Patterns is a publication that gathers regional sounds from Sona village and treats them as units in the creation of local mythology. The juxtaposition of these sonic elements (soundscapes, human voices, animals, objects & tools) becomes a polyphony that quotes Levi Strauss’ structural analysis of myths detailed in the theoretical chapter.

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Maria Năstase

Illustrated Scapes

Recorded ambient sound from Sona is transformed into digital landscapes. Found and generated-scapes from the village are gathered into a collage of offline and online elements of soundscapes and landscapes.

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Gabriela Cozma


Imagine you are in dim light in the bathtub taking a bubble bath, sipping fromtime to time from that glass of champagne with Damien Rice in the background. Now simply forget all of that because this publication is a quick lukewarm shower instead, no rubber duck included.

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Simona Dimache

Paper sound

Informed by the title of the art residency’s platform `Sounds like a Book` I explored its visual potentiality. The work entitled `Paper Sound` evokes the core of the concept I had later developed. Starting from the idea of deconstructive construction I used my personal booknote, employing each page in the production of a different sound. The sounds were recorded during a sound performance. The pages I worked with during the performance were photographed and reconstructed into a new object, becoming a book again. My work also engages the viewer through the different textures and weight of the paper. The interaction of each spectator allows the production of a new personal sound and image.

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Veronica Gorii

Walking in Circles

It’s very often that one might feel stuck both in regards to their artistic practice and daily life. My task was quite straightforward: combine available surroundingsounds and places with the feeling of going in circles, being stuck. Therefore, the soundscape has a circular/loop structure, and the content of the book–although not necessarily linear– hints at a journey.

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Csilla Bartus


Reflexion. Repetition. Meditation… Pictures are taken in every second about a stream, each photo has a changing variety and carries the signs of passage of time, constant change and Dynamism.

The sight and sound produced by the hypnotically swirling and flowing water creates an environment for relaxation, where reconnection with nature and ourselves happens on another level. The presence of nature gives vitality and meditation a sigh of relief.(*except for the biological dangers that make us sick*) A play with the lengths of pages resulted in the kinetic energy and overlaps the glitch/noise aspect of the book, as a „3D immersive viewing system/display”. Can I fool your mind to get a similar experience as the original would give?

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Vlad Brăteanu

Speech to text guided meditation to the sea island

The works are part of my exploration into hypnotic practices and voice as a medium. In the sound piece human speech and machine learning tasks merge and guide the listener through a juxtaposition of voices, deconstructed words alternatives and confidences by speech processing. The book comprises the first task of speech processing, the transformation of speech into text. The works combine, remake and alter two sound works: “unsettling- a guided meditation to the Sea” a collaboration between Lisa Nyberg and Julia Giertz and ”island ark meditation induction” by Marcos Lutyens together with their machine learning processes and their transformation from speech to text and text into speech.

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Alyona Ciobanu

Songs from Șona

A collection of recorded and deconstructed songs in Șona. The book is a reference to the music boxes from childhood or how we were calling: “muzykalinaya shkatulka/ музыкальная шкатулка”, brought by my dad from the workdays visiting from abroad, famous back then, combined with audio-visuals from Sona. I chose to visualize what I had seen and afterwards to Imagine.

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Oana Tudoran

Forever, maybe

Forever, maybe is a poetic prose that investigates the dramatic possibilities of the mundane, and challenges the idea of a reasonable universe by putting forward a discordant, even bleak perspective on our own legitimacy. By referencing 1970s text-based computer games, the book brings to attention – and challenges – the notions of decision, action and consequence. As in the case of early RPGs, Forever, maybe introduces sound as an initial clue informing the reader/player of a new situation, thus cultivating a subtle communication between animate and inanimate. As the reader deciphers the book, they become entangled in a game of choice, an absurd one that offers no true release, no closure.

Matthias Schäffer connects field recordings of a cell tower site with a printed publication. The site is located close to Fãgãras on a hill and consists of 4 towers sending radio and cellular signals.

To listen to the sound recordings you need to scan the QR codes in the book.